The City Council declined to set aside a spot for a cultural arts venue in the Town Center

YORBA LINDA – The City Council declined to set aside a spot for a cultural arts venue in the Town Center.
“To move ahead with the Town Center, we need to take out any consideration for a performing arts center at this time,” Councilman Mark Schwing said.
A performing arts center had been proposed by the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance, a grassroots movement to network and promote the arts. The plan originally called to set aside city-owned property for the future construction of a privately funded and operated cultural arts venue in Town Center.
The venue proposed would include a theatre with 900 to 1,200 seats, a smaller black box theater, art gallery, gift shop, workshop space and bistro among other components.
The council voted 4-1, with Councilman Tom Lindsey dissenting, Tuesday night not to earmark a site.
“I will not be supporting this center in this location, but I would certainly support it somewhere else,” Mayor Nancy Rikel said.
The city is seeking pitches for revamping the Town Center.
Some council members questioned whether the project was viable. Lindsey pointed out a lot of unknowns in the proposal.
But the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance isn’t giving up.
Though she wouldn’t give a dollar amount, Gabriella Rollins, director of the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance, said there are substantial funds committed to the project from a wide variety of sources.
The organization is exploring other locations where a performing arts center could be built, she said. It must secure land before designs can be planned.
The Arts Alliance also plans to raise awareness within the community through workshops and fundraisers.
“We are determined to provide some culture to this city,” Rollins said. “We absolutely need a theater, an art gallery and a gathering place.”

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