Buy Now – Buy Hard – Your Checklist for Todays Market

May 21st, 2012
Raj Qsar, Principal/Owner – Premier Orange County Real Estate

This may be the best time in the history of real estate to get off the sidelines and get into that home you have been dreaming about. Housing affordability is the best it has been in decades. Nationwide, home prices are about 33% lower than their peak in 2006. Most likely the cost to own is less than the cost to buy a comparable property. In fact, buying is cheaper than renting in 98 out of 100 major US market. Interest rates are at historic lows and you can lock those rates in for 30 years! In general, the mood of our economy seems to be improving with increasing employment, no signs of inflation and people are making more money! Is this the perfect storm? Here is our advice;
1. Find a buyers agent who is hyperlocal to the city & neighborhood you want to buy in. They often have the inside edge to homes that will be hitting the market.
2. Do your homework on the recent sales (active, closed and pocket-listings). Pocket listings are being sold all the time now and a home may sell without even hitting the market! Ask us about our pocket listings!
3. If “the one” hits the market be the first in to view the home and be the first to write a very strong offer.
4. There are more buyers at every price point than sellers in Orange County so it is likely you will be competing against multiple buyers. So be confident, work with your agent to create a strong offer and do not look back! Your team home awaits…

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